Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


1.) Is Twin City Service family owned and operated?
- Yes and has been since 1996.

2.) How long has Twin City Service been in business?
- Twin City Service has been in business over 13 years.

3.) Does Twin City Service cover the entire metro area?
- Twin City Service Company does cover the entire metro area as we cover an 82 mile radius of Kelso/Longview.

4.) What type of guarantee does Twin City Service Company offer?
- Twin City Service Company offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on every installation and service repair that we offer.

5.) Does Twin City Service employ certified factory trained service technicians?
- All service technicians and installers at Twin City Service are certified factory trained service technicians.

6.) What type of maintenance agreements do you offer?
- We offer several different types of maintenance contracts for local area businesses and residential needs. Our preventative maintenance contracts help to maintain your existing equipment and extend the life of your equipment. We can create a maintenance agreement that is custom tailored to your needs.

7.) Is Twin City Service bonded and insured?
- Twin City Service employees are fully bonded, insured and covered by Workman’s Compensation.

8.) What type of heating and air equipment does Twin City Service sell and install?
- Twin City Service sells American Standard Heating and A/C equipment. Though we work on all brands brands of equipment.

9.) What all is done in a maintenance?
- What is done in a maintenance is; cleaning the coil, check & clean filters, check electric heat components and elements, check reversing valve, defrost, compressor, amp draws.

10.) Does Twin City Service Company offer financing options?
- Yes, we offer financing options for American Standard products through Wells Fargo, subject to credit approval.

11.) How often should filters be replaced?
- Filters should be checked and changed monthly.

12.) Why is my power bill so high?
- Your compressor is probably not running correctly on the heat pump. Contact us today for a compressor check up.

13.) How do I setup a Thermostat?
- Refer to Owner's Manual.

14.) What is a heat strip?
- Electric heat strips inside air handler.

15.) Why does your Twin City Service Company only install American Standard heating equipment?
- We believe American Standard produces the best quality product in the business and want to ensure quality for our customers.

16.) What benefit does an EAC have over a disposable filter system?
- An EAC is a cleanable filter that captures more dust and microns from the air.

17.) What is an EAC?
-EAC is an Electronic Air Cleaner which is hooked up to the equipment to filter & clean the air.